Kindly elaborate what are the Personality and self image factor of Internal and related to the perceiver factors of perceptual selectivity?

Hi all, need help!!!!!! Explain the Perceptual Selectivity factors of Internal and related to the perceive called as "Personality and self image"?
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" - Personality and self image: Personality and self-image also affect perceptual selectivity. A person would be attracted to stimuli that closely relates to their personality and self-image. Source:"
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Earlier reports say that will personal-self-esteem is leaner amongst young people of abject socio-fiscal condition which is of a quantity of intrapersonal, social along with socio-cultural factors. Evidence on the systems by which most of these factors bring about the call among socio-monetary condition as well as creating self-self-esteem is actually incomplete, on the other hand.
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