Elaborate Psychological tests including in the attitude measuring of Qualitative study?

Can you please provide some details of the Qualitative Study's "Psychological tests"?
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" - Psychological tests: A host of psychological tests are available that are used to infer and measure consumer attitudes. Projective techniques are used commonly; for example the consumer may be asked to interpret a picture (Thematic Apperception Test), or fill in a dialogue in a cartoon, or write ten-twelve words describing a figure or an image. They can also be asked to complete an incomplete paragraph (as story writing), or write the first word that comes to mind when a product/service or brand is mentioned or shown. Open ended questions like sentence completion help reveal consumer insights and underlying feelings and opinions about product offerings, brands and the 4Ps. The problem with psychological tests is that interpretation may turn out to be subjective and it requires trained psychologists as interpreters. Source:"
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"Internal testing is usually a field seen as an the employment of samples of conduct so as to evaluate mental concept(ersus), for instance intellectual and also psychological working, with regards to a given personal. The actual expert phrase for your science powering psychological tests is definitely psychometrics. Aside samples of behaviour, one particular implies observations associated with an specific executing chores that have commonly also been approved beforehand, which will means standing using a examination. These types of answers will often be put together straight into statistical platforms that enable the particular judge to compare the behaviour of the people being analyzed towards tendencies of any norm team. "
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