Elaborate the Fairness of price in Perceived price and Imagery?

Can you explain the Perceived price and Imagery concept of Fairness in Price?
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"Fairness of price: Consumers consciously or sub-consciously, give a lot of importance to fairness of price. A consumer always compares the price that he pays for an offering to that which is paid by other. Differential pricing strategies used by marketers (in case of economically poor people, or senior citizens etc) are looked upon by other customers as unfair practices. Perceived fairness of price leads to customer contentment and subsequent satisfaction. Any kind of unfairness leads to discontinuation of the brand usage and a switch over to other brands. Source:"
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The significance of an method is postulated by means of Monroe (1990) as a trade-off involving the recognized benefits, or maybe quality, provided by the goods, plus the sacrifice, the two fiscal and not-financial, considered important to get this. The purchase price-high quality partnership inquiry steady flow has acknowledged company, degree of advertising and marketing in addition to keep effigy seeing that specifics influencing understood ware choice (Dodds et alibi. 1991), but hitherto zero variable quantity may temperate observed sacrifice tests. That newspaper suggests that belief connected with value loveliness, a concept produced from value research, could be a adjustable moderating sensed lose and observed solution importance, and for that reason determination to purchase.
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