Elaborate the Innovators category of “Adopter categories”?

Can you provide the “Adopter categories” known as Innovation Category?
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"Innovators: Innovators comprise 2.5 percent of the target market(s) adopters; they are those consumers’ who are the first to go and purchase a new product or service offering. They purchase the new product and service offering not because they possess a need, but because they desire new ideas and concepts, and seek product and service innovations. They are high on self-confidence, and are always eager to try out new products/services. They have access to information about such new offerings, and are quick to purchase; one, because they have the interest and inclination to buy the “new”; and two, because they have the purchasing power and the access. It is important to mention here, that innovators are not “generic”; they are in most cases “specific” to a product and service type. Source:"
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"Observers have got noted which adventurousness is sort of an fixation along with innovators. They may be incredibly wanting to look at brand new concepts. That awareness leads these individuals from a local group involving peer cpa networks in addition to directly into to a greater extent cosmopolite social human relationships. Connection designs as well as will be amongst the inner circle of innovators are standard, even though the geographic length involving the innovators could possibly be substantial. As a possible chief possesses various specifications. For instance , charge of real financial resources to absorb your possible damage owing to a great unprofitable innovation as well as the ability to realise as well as apply intricate complex know-how. Your pioneer must be competent to deal with the actual excessive level of doubt about a initiation back then that the boss retreats into. "
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