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Elaborate the responsibility of mathematical community.

Hi! Please help me I am stuck with this. Tell the responsibility of mathematical community.
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mathematical community had a duty to address the shortage of top quality mathematicians in the country and also to reach out to the public, especially in the modern context where mathematics has a tremendous influence on every kind of human endeavor. Source: http://en.docsity.com/news/interesting-facts/national-mathematics-day-celebrated-india/
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Inwards The indian subcontinent, your day 'Dec twenty two' has been announced as being the Nationwide Maths Day. The declaration is made by Prime Minister of The indian subcontinent, throughout the maiden service from the celebrations in order to indicate your 125th birth day of remembrance connected with Srinivasa Ramanujan held on the Madras College Centenary Audience with xxvi January 2012. Doctor Manmohan Singh likewise proclaimed that this 12 months 2012 CE will be celebrated because the Home(a) Mathematics Calendar year.
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