Enlist the main steps for applying Plasma Etching.

Plasma Etching uses plasma to create the protective covering on semiconductor surface. Please Elaborate the whole process for applying etching using Plasma technique.
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The lcd bringing close together: Charged allergens should be close adequate with each other that many molecule impact on quite a few nearby incurred particles, as opposed to simply interacting with the nearest corpuscle (these kinds of group personal effects really are a particular feature of your lcd). The actual plasm estimate is good when the number of mission insurers in the sphere of influence (referred to as Debye ballpark who is wheel spoke may be the Debye screening distance) of the finical subatomic particle is higher than 1 to produce corporate behaviour in the billed dust. The common quantity of allergens in the Debye sphere has through the plasma tv's parameter, "Λ" (the Ancient greek notice Lambda).
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Volume interactions: The actual Debye testing size (described previously mentioned) is brief when compared to the actual size of the plasma. This specific criterion means that interactions in the almost all your lcd tend to be more essential compared to those on the edges, exactly where bound consequences will take location. When this criterion is happy, the particular lcd can be quasineutral.
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Plasma etching proceeds in five steps: • First, the etchant species is generated in the plasma. • The reactant is then transported by diffusion through a stagnant gas layer to the surface. • Next, the reactant is adsorbed on the surface. • A chemical reaction (along with physical effects such as ion bombardment) follows to form volatile compounds. • Finally, the compounds are desorbed from the surface, diffused into the bulk gas, and pumped out by the vacuum system. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Etching-Fundamentals_of_Semiconductor_Fabrication-Lecture_Slides_
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