What is the essential difference between Dijkstra’s algorithm and the Bellman-Ford algorithm?

Differentiate Dijkstra’s algorithm and the Bellman-Ford algorithm?
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"The Bellman-Ford algorithm uses only on information from its neighbors and knowledge of its link costs, to update it costs and paths. Dijkstra's algorithm requires that each node must have complete topological information about the network; that is, each node must know the link costs of all links in the network."
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Bellhop-Fording was in the fundamental construction nearly the same as Dijkstra's algorithm, however rather associated with greedily picking out the actual lower limit-free weight node not yet processed to relax, it rests *many* the edges, and does this |*Sixth v*| - just one instances, exactly where |*Sixth is v*| will be the variety of vertices inside the graphical record."
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