What kind of Ethical issues arise after the implementation of Information Technology in an organization?

Determine some IT ethical issues of a particular company?
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"Ethical Issues : Many companies and professional organizations develop their own code of ethics. A code of ethics is a collection of principles intended as a guide for the members of a company or an organization. There are four kinds of ethical issues - privacy, accuracy, property and accessibility. Information privacy is the right to determine when and to what extent information about oneself can be communicated to others. The issues to be considered here are electronic surveillance and personal information in databases. Millions of computer users are being monitored without their knowledge. Information about individuals is being kept in many databases. Intellectual property is the intangible property created by individuals which is protected by trade secrets, patent and copyright laws.Source:"
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"""Technological know-how is definitely going in this article. It will eventually incredibly decrease so much of earning artificial intelligence,"" [Eliezer] Yudkowsky said. ""The actual mere fact that you are unable to predict accurately as soon as it is going to happen right down to the afternoon is not any reason with regard to concluding you in addition to neglecting take into consideration it."" "
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