What european powers engaged in colonialism in north africa from the late 1800's to the end of world war 2?

Furthermore, if you're able to, what motivated this kind of imperialism? And the way had been the location influenced? appreciate it!
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The 3 major powers in North Africa were Italy (Ethiopia, Libya) Britain (Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, etc.) and France (Algeria, Morrocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Maritius, etc.). France and Britain established colonies in these regions to become economically powerful. Italy did it more for prestige. The region was effected by dictatorial governments springing up shortly after independence as well as ethnic violence in countries such as Ghana and Nigeria.
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The actual Scrabble for The african continent (likewise your Raceway regarding Photography equipment) ended up being the breach, work, colonisation, along with annexation involving African-american places through the Western royal powers throughout the Brand new Imperialism (1870–1914) period, effected among 1881 and also 1914. Accompanying on the political as well as fiscal rivalries one of the Western european powers, over the last one fourth in the 19th century, the actual dividing connected with The african continent was that this Europeans averted war-ridden amidst themselves in excess of Photography equipment.The last fifty nine many years of this 19th century presented your move by "casual imperialism" (hegemony) through armed forces effect and financial authorization, towards the unmediated tip associated with colonies
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