Can you define the Evaluation Process of Adoption Technique of Consumer Behavior?

"Briefly elaborate the role of Adoption's Evaluation stage? "
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"Evaluation: The consumer who has acquired knowledge about the innovation, now begins to evaluate; he evaluates whether, i) more information search is necessary with respect to the innovation as well as to the brand; ii) he is sufficient with the product/service information that he possesses. The consumer also evaluates the innovative offering in terms of the attributes, features, and overall benefits, as compared to existing alternatives; he assess the “value” of the product/service offering and the brand. If he feels that the offering provides “value”, he goes in for the next stage which is trial; else the process is aborted, and the innovation rejected. Source:"
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"The main reason behind ambitions is usually to target a course for your potential audience for making the program far better. Scientific study has identified several measures in the training-adoption process: recognition, fascination, evaluation, run, as well as adopting. "
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