Give an example to highlight the versatility of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs Theory.

Please provide an example that clearly determines the difference of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs Theory as compared to other theories.
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"Example: The lady of the house turns professional. She picks up a part-time job, and works during such timings when her children are aw to school. Out of her first salary, she buys a Samsung Microwave, 32 litres capacity for Rs. 16000. Needs: basic /primary needs - safety/security needs - social/affiliation needs - ego/esteem needs -self actualization. Appeal:The appeal would show: - microwave owen can help cook food quickly and easily. - how safe the product is for use of self, children. - how safe it is for the food that is cooked and consumed and for the environment (non-radiation). - how the lady of the house can sit with the family/friends/guest while the food is being cooked. She does not have to keep standing in the kitchen while the food is cooked. She can auto-time it. - she can afford it. - she is a proud owner. - she bought it out of her first salary. Source:"
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"Maslow's power structure associated with wants is a possibility inwards therapy suggested aside Abraham Maslow as part of his 1943 paper ""Any Concept associated with Human Motivation"". ""Maslow's chain of command associated with needs is often a hypothesis inwards psychology suggested simply by Abraham Maslow in her 1943 report ""A Possibility connected with Homo Drive"". "
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