List examples of the two forms of the Full market coverage of target market selection?

Hi Docsity Q n A contributors, my question is that what are the different forms of the Full market coverage of target market selection pattern examples?
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"Differentiated: The marketer would operate in the whole market and offer different products for the various segments; Example: IBM, HP. Undifferentiated: Mass marketing; The marketer would treat the market as a single segment and offer a single product. He would ignore differences amongst various segments; Example: Salt, Pepsi. Source:"
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One of many industry-aimed towards methods in which a troupe attempts to offer all buyer teams (portion) with all the goods they might require. Commonly, very large corporations may follow entire current market insurance policy coverage technique. Huge companies tin cover an entirely industry by 50 percent extensive methods: done undifferentiated advertising and marketing or perhaps differentiated marketing.
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