Do you expect the US will continue to be the leading economic and political power for much longer?

"None of the great nation-states or empires of history – The Persians, Rome; imperial Spain in 1600; The Ottoman Turkish Empire, France in either its Bourbon or Bonapartist manifestations; the Dutch republic in 1700; Britain in its imperial glory – succeeded in maintaining its global ascendancy for long. Why should you believe that the US will be the only exception in history to this? China and India are on the rise....does it not seem realistic to believe that they will soon overtake the US as the world's power brokers? And where will that leave the US and its citizens?"
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"If Hillary Clinton gets elected president in 2016, that's all she wrote. We are already on the decline, and if we elect the anti-christ herself, it will prove to the rest of the world that we are not fit to rule ourselves."
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"Abraham Lincoln my partner and i/ˈelectronicɪbrəhæl ˈ50ɪŋokəin/ (Feb . xii, 1809 – 04 16, 1865) seemed to be the particular 16th Us president with the United states of america, portion via 03 1861 until his or her shooting throughout April 1865. Lincoln directed the usa by way of their very best constitutional, military, along with meaning downturn—the particular American Civil War—protecting this Marriage, abolishing captivity, conditioning the nation's governing and modernizing the economic system. Reared within a hapless loved ones within the traditional western frontier, Lincoln subsequently was home-intelligent, along with grew to become A commonwealth attorney, A Whig Get together boss, Il nation legislator in the 1830s, as well as a a single-time period person in north america House regarding Reps throughout the 1840s. "
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