Explain the Compensatory Rule that is included in the Decision Rule of a Consumer Behavior?

Can some one elaborate the Consumer Behavior Compensatory Rule?
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"Compensatory rules: - The evaluative criteria are listed as attributes; these attributes are scored and rated and scored for the various alternative brands. - A lower rating on an attribute may be offset by a higher rating on another; i.e. a higher rating on one attribute would compensate for a lower rating on another. - This could assume two forms: simple and weighted. i) Simple summated: -The attributes are rated for each brand and the scores are totaled. ii) Weighted: - The attributes are first given weights relatively based on the level of importance; thereafter, the attributes are rated and finally scored after multiplication with the weights. The weighted scores are then totaled.Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Consumer_Decision_Making_Process_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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"Several concepts associated with customer behavior require thresholds as well as discontinuities. In this report, many of us check out buyers' by using cover guidelines during A discrete-decision model. Choices of which passing your monitor ar looked at within a personal manner in step with random energy hypothesis; alternatives that won't passing the blind employ a actually zero possibility of becoming chosen. Your planned design accommodates conjunctive, disjunctive, in addition to compensatory verification principles. We estimation A model that will shows a new noncontinuous decision process by using the actual Bayesian technique of info embed and utilizing Markov-strand S5620 Carlo techniques to desegregate over the parameter space. Your strategy features minimum facts needs which enable it to deal with a large number of alternative options. The tactic is shown using a conjoined survey regarding digital cameras. The effects suggest which 92% connected with respondents screen choices on a single or higher features. "
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