Explain the concept of Demographic variables as a base of Segmenting Consumer Markets?

I was wondering what is the base of Segmenting Consumer Markets known as Demographic variables?
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"Demographic variables: these comprise: - demographics: age, gender, income, education, occupation, family size, family life cycle, generation, social class, religion, nationality, culture, sub-culture - geography: Location / country, region, state, city/metro density of population, climate, terrain. - psychographics needs and motivation, perception, personality, attitude, involvement, lifestyle( Activities, Interests, Opinions). Source:"
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"Marketplace includes buyers in addition to potential buyers consist of the other diversely. Deviation is dependent upon different factors similar desires, resources, getting attitude, destinations, and purchasing techniques. Aside segmentation, big heterogenous investing arenas are separated into small sectors that may be managed more efficiently as well as successfully with services which go with with their distinctive wants. Indeed, marketplace division is beneficial for the organizations service bigger areas. "
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