Can some one explain the concept of Market Segmentation in the Consumer Behavior Process?

Provide the description of the Consumer Behavior concept called as Mass marketing?
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"Market Segmentation. - There exist diverse customer groups homogeneous on certain bases within, but heterogeneous among each other. - Customers are unique; They have different needs, wants and preferences. So, instead of a single standardized product offering, the product and service offerings are designed according to the needs and wants of the segment so as to satisfy them better. - Leads to higher customer satisfaction. - It has various forms: Single Segment,Differentiated segment, Concentrated segment or Niche, Micro-marketing: local, individual. Source:"
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Industry partition is really a internet marketing strategy that needs splitting up a diverse target audience in to subsets of shoppers who've popular requires (and also/or typical dreams) along with frequent apps with the pertinent products and also solutions.
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