Explain in details the concept of Elaboration Likelihood model?

Can some one elaborate the Elaboration Likelihood model in the context of Consumer Behavior Subject?
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"Elaboration Likelihood model The Elaboration Likelihood Model bases itself in line with what has been said about high and low involvement as well as the route to persuasion theory. According to the theory, the degree of relevance that a person attaches or the level of involvement that a person holds, determines which route to persuasion would be more effective; in cases of highinvolvement, where a consumer would put in more cognitive effort, he would follow the central route to persuasion and focus on the message content; on the other hand, in cases of low involvement, he would follow the peripheral route to persuasion and focus on the message context, background, scenery and music. Implications for a marketer: In terms of relevance for a marketer, for high involvement, where the central route to persuasion works, the focus should on the message content, logic and arguments; the arguments should suggest product attributes and be highly cognitive; For low involvement, where the peripheral route to persuasion works, the focus should be on the celebrity spokesperson, message context, and highly visual and symbolic advertisements: background, scenery and music. Also comparative advertisements (where product attributes and features are compared with other brands) are processed centrally. Source:"
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Your elaboration probability type (ELM) involving view can be a duple course of action theory connected with just how perceptions tend to be shaped and also changed which was brought to life by Richard Age. Petty and John Cacioppo during the early 1980s (see in addition position modify). The actual type proposes a "working out continuum," which usually ascertains this extent to which reasons usually are prepared and also assessed (excessive elaborateness) compared to side-line hints for example origin knowledge as well as attractiveness (low elaborateness) condition opinion. Your type is related to the Heuristic program-systematic type of informatics developed across the like moment simply by Shelly Chaiken.
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