Explain the difference between primary and secondary Transducer?

Hi Guys, today I attended a lecture regarding transducers. Can someone explain the difference between primary and secondary transducers?
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A sensitive electronic device which detects bodily functions, for instance heartbeat and blood pressure level, and transmits signals representing those functions to some monitor to be able to be viewed.
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The electromechanical element of a sonar system that may be mounted underwater and converts power to sound energy and the opposite way round. The transducer formation determines the beam shape and is the basis for image formation in side scan sonar. ...
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"Primary transducers: The transducer which sends the measurement and converts them into another variables (like displacement, strain etc.) and whose output forms the input of another transducer is called as primary transducer. Example: 1.Bourdon tube 2.Strain guage Secondary transducer: The transducer which converts the output of first transducer into an electrical output called secondary transducer Example: LVDT <a href=http://en.docsity.com/en-docs/Elect_inst2_>Measuring System</a> "
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