Explain the difference between symmetric encryption and public-key encryption.

What is the symmetric encryption and public-key encryption difference?
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"Symmetric encryption is based on a single key that is secretly shared between the parties involved in the information transfer. Public-key encryption systems are based on two keys, one of which is public, and the other kept secret."
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"Site in order to open key shield of encryption, you should generate two keys: A general public essential and a private cardinal. You keep the private essential for yourself and present everyone critical for the globe. In the same way friends and family may make a pair of keys and give you their particular public keys. Open cardinal encoding is actually pronounced by means of a couple specific capabilities. one particular. When you encipher facts using another person's public important, that personal non-public important tin decrypt the item. 3. After you ensure info with all your private essential, anyone else could decipher this with your public critical. "
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