Explain the External and related to the stimuli factors which effect the perceptual Selectivity.

Can you give some of the perceptual Selectivity's External and related to the stimuli factors?
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"External and related to the stimuli: These factors are those factors that exist in the environment and are in the form of characteristic features of the stimuli. These could take the form of size, intensity, contrast, motion, repetition, familiarity, novelty etc. In the field of marketing, stimuli could include the product, the brand name, the features and attributes, the packaging, the advertisement, etc. These factors are elaborated upon in the table. Table: Factors that affect perceptual selectivity: Factors external and related to the stimuli S. No. Characteristic Example 1 Size The larger the size of the stimuli, the more likely it is to be perceived; eg., headlines in the newspaper; brand name on the packaging of a product. 2 Intensity The larger the force or power of a stimuli, the greater the chances of it getting perceived; eg., strong smell or a loud noise; flashy colours on the packaging or in the advertisement; strong aroma of food. 3 Contrast Any stimuli that stands out from the rest of the environment is more likely to be noticed; eg., capital and bold letters; a black and white advertisement amongst coloured ads on TV; or a coloured advertisement in the black and white newspaper. 4 Motion Anything that moves has greater chances of being perceived; eg., a scroll advertisement. 5 Repetition A repeated stimuli is more likely to be noticed; eg., advertisements in audio-visual media are more likely to be noticed than in the print media. 6 Familiarity and Novelty A new stimuli in a familiar setting or a familiar stimuli in a new setting increase the chances of perceptual selectivity; eg., substantive variation in advertisements, where the message content changes, while the background or the models or the jingle remains the same; or, cosmetic variation, where the model changes, but the message remains the same. Source:"
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