Can some one explain Focus groups including in the attitude measuring of Qualitative study?

Please provide some details of the Qualitative Study's "Focus Group"?
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" - Depth interviews: A depth interview is similar to a personal interview, where a consumer is interviewed about the product/service offering, the brand, and any or all of the 4Ps. The consumer is asked questions for a considerable period of time, and his opinions and beliefs are recorded, so are his feelings and bodily gestures. The researcher asks a question and the interviewee is encouraged to talk in length about his reactions and feelings about the product and service offering and the 4Ps. The encouragement to talk in length provides valuable insights and reveals things that the interviewer may not have thought off or imagined. Questions like “What”, “Why” , “How”, and “If” are used to enable a detailed insightful discussion. The problem with depth interviews is that it is time consuming and expensive. It also requires trained psychologists as interviewers. And like, focus group interviews, it may not always be representative of the market segment. Source:"
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An emphasis grouping is often a type of qualitative inquiry when a population group ar inquired about the ideas, views, morals, along with thinking toward an item, services, principle, advertizement, estimate, as well as the labels. Questions tend to be enquired in the synergistic party placing wherever contributors have the freedom to talk for some other class members. The initial target teams were being developed with the Agency of Applied Social Analysis in the us, aside affiliate movie director, sociologist Robert Thousand. Merton. The word by itself seemed to be created by means of psychologist in addition to selling adept Ernest Dichter.
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