Explain how do emotions and moods impact Consumer Behavior?

Do you know what is the effect of Emotions and Mood of a person to Consumer Behavior?
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"Emotions are feelings that arise from deep rooted and value laden beliefs; As consumers, for example, we experience pleasantness or unpleasantness (positive or negative feelings) towards product/service offerings; these reactions are based on our beliefs which are in turn a result of our motives, learning and cognition, experiences, socialization processes etc. We also experience feelings of joy or sadness, with respect to certain brands, or other marketing stimuli, and the changes made therein. These emotions have a bearing on the moods that are emotional states specific to a stimulus, and like emotions, they are good or bad, positive or negative. Consumer emotions and moods have implications for a marketer. A good understand of these psychological states can help a marketer design a stimulus that leads to positives states; the assumption being that when a consumer is on a positive state as far as emotions and moods are concerned, he would be more receptive to the product/service and the brand offering. The study of emotions/moods can be useful for a marketer in the following ways: 1. An understanding of the subject can help the marketer in triggering positive emotional states and pleasant receptive moods amongst consumers. 2. Emotions and moods states also influence consumer recall of products and services as well as evaluation of products and services. 3. Triggering positive emotional states and pleasant receptive moods amongst consumers also benefits marketers during post-purchase evaluation by the former. Source:"
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"Feelings along with emotions have an impact on and are troubled by human reasons. The idea’S a 2 way romantic relationship. Causes impact on emotions in addition to weather; and also, thoughts as well as weather furthermore impression man causes. Equally human ulterior motives get meaning with regard to internet marketers, in the same manner inner thoughts along with moods in addition have relevancy for entrepreneurs. A preliminary understanding with the rich seated inner thoughts and also moods is required for an idea of purchaser motives."
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