Briefly explain the concept of Depth interviews including in the attitude measuring of Qualitative study?

Please provide some details of the Qualitative Study's "Depth interviews"?
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" Focus groups: In focus group interviews, a group of consumers between 6-12 in number are called together, and discussion is initiated about a product or service offering. The discussion could range across a wide spectrum related to the offering, the brand, the dealer or any of the 4Ps. The people are made to openly discuss their ideas, opinions and feelings, and the discussion is controlled by a moderator. As they begin to discuss an issue, they move towards related issues about the product and service offering, and this provides valuable insights to a researcher. However, the problem with focus group interviews is that the sample may not always be truly representative of the segment to which the product is targeted. So as a tool, focus group interviews are not used in isolation, but are used with other tools and techniques, so as to lead to be truly representative and provide valid findings. Source:"
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Exploration technique conducted face-to-face inside field (in lieu of within the researcher's place of work) with a trained interview panel member with regards to learning the particular drive of shoppers from the leverage conclusion physical process. In the amorphous house natural environment, the actual job interviewer interacts having respondents and encourages these individuals (generally in a very one particular-on-a single predicament) in order to openly expressage their own ideas, concepts, sensations, feelings, along with thinking. The goal would be to go beyond your shallow and to investigation straight into buyer behaviour. Deepness selection interviews, in addition to focusing group selection interviews, tend to be helpful in the particular examination regarding customer reaction to a product or perhaps assistance.
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