Can you explain the Multilevel Queue Scheduling in Scheduling Mechanism of Preemptive Type?

Can you provide some general information about the in Preemptive Scheduling Mechanism?
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"The problem with this is that once a job is put on a queue, it must remain there until it completes. This could create some problems with CPU hogging and starvation. If a very long job is put on Q1, it could hog all of the time given to Queue 1, preventing the other jobs from running. This is bad because jobs in Q1 are high priority. "
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"So the general idea of a multi-level queue is as follows: You have several queues, each has a level which corresponds to a level of priority, each level has its own scheduler, there is one main scheduler which handles the scheduler for each queue"
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"Multilevel Queue Scheduling : A Multilevel Queue Scheduling Algorithm partition the ready queue in to separate queues and each queue has its own scheduling algorithms.Source:"
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