Explain the Need-Want-Goal-Satisfaction Process in the context of Consumer Behavior.

Provide someone provide the detail description of Consumer Behavior term called "Need-Want-Goal-Satisfaction".
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"As consumers begin to identify and feel that a need exists, there occurs an inner urge or a drive towards taking an action so as fulfil the need. This inner urge and the impelling action to put in efforts to fulfill the need and attempt at satisfaction is referred to as motivation. In terms of consumer behavior, when a consumer realizes that there exists a state of felt deficiency (need), it gets translated into a variety of options (wants) from which a consumer may chose. The need/want lead to a state of tension in the mind of the consumer and an urge to act (buy/consume), so as to fulfill the need or want. This manifests itself into a goal, which is actually the behavior (act to purchase or consume), which puts an end to the urge to act. The entire action may ultimately lead to feelings of satisfaction, neutrality or dissatisfaction. Thus, the study of consumption behavior begins with when an individual recognizes a need and begins to take action to satisfy it. What he desires is an ultimate goal i.e. satisfaction of a need/want.Source:"
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"The 2 terminology “need to have” as well as “desire” usually used interchangeably carry two different explanations. A need is a state connected with thought loss while any desire is a need to have a unique satisfier."
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