Explain No Preemption as a deadlock prevention method?

Please provide the Information of deadlock prevention method "No Preemption"?
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"No Preemption : If a process that is holding some resources requests another resource that cannot be immediately allocated to it, then all resources currently being held are released implicitly. Then the preempted resources are added to the list of resources for which the process is waiting. Source:"
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"Not any Preemption Attacking the absolutely no Preemption Issue; Can certainly means possibly be preempted? In case a process' requests (retaining sure sources) is declined, that will procedure should release its rarely used assets and request these all over again, along with the extra source. The 3rd important experimental condition intended for deadlocks is always that generally there end up being simply no preemption of assets that contain also been assigned. To make sure that treatment plans will not hold, we are able to use the using communications protocol"
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