Explain the process of the Market specialization of a Consumer Behavior?

Can some one out in the Docsity world provide the details of the Consumer Behavior Market specialization?
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"Market specialization. - The marketer deals with one specific market only; he tries to meet many needs of particular customer group. Example: The various Ordinance Factories in India exist to cater to meet the various needs of the Defense forces only. Advantages: i) In case of a monopolistic situation, the marketer has lot of potential to grow; he would exist to serve the need and wants of the segment. ii) The focus is on catering the needs of a particular market segment only; so the marketer becomes customer focused totally. Disadvantages: i) If the segment weakens, the marketer is finished. Source:"
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Consumer conduct could be the research involving as soon as, the reason why, exactly how, and also wherever persons accomplish or perhaps wait to purchase item. The item blends aspects of mindset, sociology, cultural anthropology and economic science. That tries to comprehend the buyer decision making procedure, equally on their own and in communities. ...
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