Please explain the Quantitative techniques, Rating scales or Attitude scales of Measuring attitude?

Describe the attitude method of measurement called as Qualitative studies?
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"Quantitative techniques, Rating scales or Attitude scales: Commonly used methods for measuring attitudes is via attitude scales. Consumer survey questionnaires based on rating scales are used to measure attitudes quantitatively. The most commonly used attitude scale is the Likert scale, which measures consumer reactions on a five point or on a seven point scale based on degrees of agreement and disagreement, or liking and disliking. Another scale that is commonly used is the one that uses a bipolar scale comprising opposite adjectives at each extreme; this is known as a Semantic differential scale. While collecting responses may be time consuming, rating scales provide a means for quantitative analysis, and thereby lead to reliable and valid findings. However, care should be taken to chose a sample representative of the sample. Source:"
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"Quantitative Methods: Quantitative techniques: quantitative approaches are the ones record and also procedure research tactics that really help inside deciding method exclusively related to enterprise and marketplace. Those approaches which offer choosing one manufacturer the endemic way of evaluation good quantitative information inwards creating insurance policies with regard to achieving pre-motivated objectives"
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