Explain the major impact on a Reference Group from the factor called "Visibility and Conspicuousness of the Product"?

Do you know what is the Visibility and Conspicuousness of the Product role in the impact on the Reference Group?
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"Visibility and Conspicuousness of the Product: The impact of reference groups also depends on the visibility and conspicuousness of a product. When a product offering is visible and conspicuous, such that it relates to esteem and is status revealing (fashion apparel, carpets and upholstery, jewellery and other luxurious items), the consumer tends to be conscious while purchasing it especially because of reaction of others (fear of social disapproval, social embarrassment). Thus he would buy such keeping in mind the advice, likes and dislikes of reference group. When the product is low on public visibility and conspicuousness, one is less likely to be influenced by the reference group. Source:"
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Reference group theory, in order to explore ways in which we can discuss the notion of "normative" when referring to information behaviour. Although reference group theory has a long history, its application to the field of information studies has been an overlooked area. Taking this into account, the authors suggest that reference group theory allows for different scales of values, and different dimensions of knowledge in regard to different social groups as these groups are shaped by members of their world who serve as reference points.
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