Explain the sociometric method used for the measurement of Opinion Leadership.

Hi community! Can someone help me with this assignment. Briefly explain the method for Opinion Leadership Technique known as sociometric method.
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"The sociometric method: The sociometric method of measuring Opinion Leadership basis itself on the study of the social system, and particularly the communication patterns and flows to identify those to give information and advice as act as Opinion Leaders. Researchers examine complete patterns of informal information flows among consumers of a particular product/service category, and identify those who provide information to others as Opinion Leaders. While the technique makes use of the analysis of the communication flow, it also uses questionnaires that are administered to people in a social system. People in a social system are asked to identify: a) those people to whom they have given information and advice about a product/service category. In case the respondent identifies one or many people to whom he has provided information and advice, he is regarded as an Opinion Leader. Researchers could cross-examine by contacting and questioning the Receiver/Seekers of information and confirming from them. b) those people to whom they have gone for information and advice about a product or service category and/or brand. Her again, researchers could cross-examine by contacting and questioning the Opinion Leaders and confirming from them. Advantages: The technique can meet tests of validity and reliability. Chances of misconception and bias are less. Disadvantages: It is a costly in terms of both money and time. In order to obtain results that are valid and reliable, it requires intensive and extensive data, i.e. a large amount of information from a large sample of respondents. This could be expensive and time consuming. The analysis could also be complex and would require experts in the area. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Opinion_Leadership_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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Judgment command can be a notion in which occurs outside the hypothesis associated with 2-action movement involving interaction propounded simply by Robert Lazarsfeld as well as Elihu Katz.
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