Explain Strategic management in management level?

Can some one define Strategic management that is used in most organizations?
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"management.Strategic management is the higher level of management in an organization.Strategic management involves making decisions about what business the organization should be in and what its overall objectives should be.Strategic management's planning is long term and considers where the business wants to be in two to three years time-longer in some cases.Strategic management has the highest authority.It includes senior managers,chief executives,M.D,etc. Source:"
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"Strategic direction will be the detailed bunch of on-going things to do and operations that corporations employ to help methodically organize as well as line-up resources and also activities along with assignment, vision and technique during an organization. Arranged administration activities change the particular static architectural plan in to a organization that gives organizing functionality comments for you to deciding and helps the master plan to help progress in addition to produce since specifications and other situations adjust. "
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