Explain the terms Stratified Random Sampling and the strata in the statistics.

Can some one explain it its own words please tell me about the Stratified Random Sampling.
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" Suppose we need to select a sample from the population of a city, and we want households with different income levels to be proportionately represented in the sample. In this case, instead of selecting a simple random sample or a systematic random sample, we may prefer to apply a dif-ferent technique. First, we divide the whole population into different groups based on income levels. For example, we may form three groups of low-, medium-, and high-income households. We will now have three subpopulations, which are usually called strata. We then select one sample from each subpopulation or stratum. The collection of all three samples selected from three strata gives the required sample, called the stratified random sample. Usually, the sizes of the samples selected from different strata are proportionate to the sizes of the subpopulations in these strata. Note that the elements of each stratum are identical with regard to the possession of a characteristic."
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