Explain the concept of Inter-Process Communication.

Can you provide some general information about the Inter-Process Communication in Operating System?
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"Bury-Procedure Communicating (IPC) is usually a number of systems for this alternate of knowledge between several duds in a or higher procedures. Processes can be running using one or maybe more computer systems connected with a circle. IPC approaches incorporate Named Conduits, Report Chromosome mapping, Mailslot, Outback(a) Operation Cell phone calls (RPC), and so on. "
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"Interprocess communication (IPC) is usually a set of programing interfaces which allow a engineer to help co-ordinate actions amongst distinct programme functions which could operate along within the operating-system. This allows a course to deal with several end user requests concurrently. Considering that also a one person petition might end in numerous operations jogging inside the operating-system within the customer's part, the processes have to speak with each other. The actual IPC interfaces make this possible. Just about every IPC process possesses its own strengths along with disadvantages therefore it is not necessarily unusual for just a individual plan to work with all the IPC strategies. "
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"Inter-Process Communication : Cooperating processes can communicate in a shared-memory environment. Cooperating processes communicate with each other via an Inter-Process-Communication (IPC) facility. IPC provides a mechanism to allow processes to communicate and to synchronize their actions. Inter-Process Communication is best provided by a Message System. Message System can be defined in many different ways. An IPC facility provides at least the two operations - send(message) and receive(message). Source:"
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