Explain the concept of Synchronization.

Can someone explain the general phenomenon of Synchronization?
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"Synchronization : The concept of Synchronization is concerned with cooperating processes that share some resources. Co-operating processes must synchronize with each other when they use shared resources. Thus we can view the Synchronization as a set of constraints on the ordering of events. Source:"
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" Within computer science, synchronism identifies one of two specific however connected ideas: synchronisation associated with techniques, and synchronising of data. Process synchronizing refers back to the indisputable fact that numerous functions ar to participate up or even handshake in a certain level, so as to reaching a legal contract or perhaps spend on a clear succession connected with steps. Data synchronization refers back to the thought of preserving multiple replicates of any dataset inside cohesiveness with each other, or even maintain information honesty. Practice synchronising primitives are generally helpful to follow through information synchronization. "
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