Explain the function of the three flags in the IPv4 header.

List the three flags of IPv4 header and what are their function?
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"The More bit is used for fragmentation and reassembly. If this bit is 0, then either there has been no fragmentation of this packet or this is the last fragment. If this bit is 1, then this packet has been fragmented and this is not the last fragment. The Don't Fragment bit prohibits fragmentation when set."
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Several tad "Red flags" area shows atomisation choices. The 1st act will be untouched and may always have a value of 0. Another touch is called the DF (Will not Fragmentize) banner. DF flagstone collection to be able to "zero" indicate how the Internet protocol Datagram may be disunited and DF arranged to a single reveal "Do not Fragment" the particular Internet protocol Datagram.
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