Explain the knowledge component of a attitude composition?

Can you determine something about the attitude component of Knowledge?
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"The knowledge component is reflected in the learned knowledge that a consumer obtains from his interaction with others as well as his own experiences. Source:"
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"""- the knowledge or the cognitive component comprises the cognitive processes that lead to the formation of attitudes. In terms of marketing, the knowledge or cognitive component of the tricomponent model consists of consumers' knowledge about the products/service offering and the marketing mix. Consumer attitudes are formed on the basis of experiences as well as information received from personal (WOM, family, friends, peers etc.) as well as impersonal (marketer’s sources) sources of information that are retained in one’s memory. These get shaped by beliefs and opinions, where the consumer begins to perceive that the attitude object (person, situation or thing) possesses certain attributes and acts of behavior would lead to outcomes. The beliefs and opinions get repeatedly reinforced, and finally give rise to attitudes. This knowledge component leads to the emotional component. "
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