Explain the Observation Method of Measuring attitude?

Please provide the detail description of the attitude method of measurement called as Observation Method?
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"Observation: As has been mentioned above, attitudes can be inferred from the manner in which an individual behaves. By making observations of behavior, a marketer can infer a consumer’s attitudes. For example, if a person patronizes Colgate toothpaste and buys it, it can be inferred that he likes that brand. Observation as a process of measuring attitudes, has both pros and cons. Advantages are that on the basis of past experiences, market researchers can make quick inferences. Disadvantages are that the process is expensive in terms of time and money; further findings may not always be reliable and valid. Thus, the method is used to complement other tools and techniques in research, and is generally not used as the sole method of research. Source:"
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"The particular architectural approach Through the classifications provided earlier mentioned, you'll find clearly diverse factors for you to perceptions. Rosenberg & Harland (1960) declare that behaviour might be separated directly into iii components: „ Emotive constituent: pertains to the emotions and also sensations of a idea these feelings tend to be classified as ‘ideals’. „ Cognitive portion: refers back to the categorization from the materials, folks or maybe occasions to that your attitude is formed. „ Conative (behavioural) component: refers to the habits somebody has in the direction of specific actions. The traits may be classified while strategy tendencies, exactly where plus inner thoughts could happen, or reduction traits exactly where negativity may take place. The particular practical technique Behaviour are crucial for your well-organism of your personal and they also provide a number of operates: „ Adaptative: most of us find great replies from others by simply showing tolerable behaviour. Reduces the risk for distressing factors. „ Information: perceptions assist with design our own expertise in your social earth, doing the globe more expected in addition to safer. „ Self applied-expressive: specify what we should are like (including the inner thoughts and inner thoughts) for you to other folks. „ Confidence-protective: allows us to to protect all of us from negative thinking aside, by way of example, relieved them on top of other people"
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