Explain the Perceived price and Imagery in Imagery concept?

Please provide the details of Perceived price and Imagery in Consumer Behavior?
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"Ideas associated with non secular symbolism inside pure phenomena, occasionally referred to as simulacra, ar sightings connected with graphics using spiritual as well as faith based subjects or maybe import on the percipient. The photos sensed, no matter if well-known or aniconic, would be the faces connected with spiritual notables or current expression regarding religious representations within the lifelike, organic media or phenomena on the lifelike human race. This incidence or even celebration regarding sensing may be transient or momentary or could possibly be far more long-suffering as well as massive. The actual occurrence generally seems to method the cultural common and may even generally accompany character idolize, animism, in addition to fetichism, in conjunction with additional elegant or maybe organised opinion techniques. "
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"The main phenomena with this sort have been acheropites: graphics involving major Roscoe icons for example Christ along with the Virgin mobile Jane which were considered to have been manufactured by supernatural suggests. The term acheropite derives from the actual Ancient greek ảχειροποίητος, significance ""definitely not produced by human being hands"", plus the period was first applied to your Turin Cloak and also the Head covering of Veronica. Later on, the word located use to a greater extent normally to simulacra of a spiritual as well as faith based dynamics developing inside healthy phenomena, in particular those witnessed by believers to connected with remarkable foundation. "
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"Perceived price and Imagery: The manner in which a marketer prices a product and creates an image also has an impact on consumer decision making. The manner in which a consumer perceives a product to be i) fair/unfair; or ii) high priced, medium priced (fairly priced) or low priced, has an influence on his purchase intention, action as well as satisfaction/dissatisfaction. Price and the related issues are detailed as follows: a) Fairness of price: b) Reference price: c) Various kinds of slogans. d) Discount levels: e) Bundle pricing: Source:"
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