Explain the Primary and Secondary Groups of a Consumer Grouping?

Can someone help me with this assignment question.What is included in the Primary and Secondary Groups?
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"Primary and Secondary Groups: The distinction between primary and secondary groups is based on the significance/relevance of the group to an individual, and the frequency of interaction between group members. Based on the regularity of contact and the importance given to subsequent interaction, groups may be classified as primary and secondary. When people interact with each other on a regular basis, and regard each others’ opinions as valuable and significant, they are said to constitute a primary group; an individual who interacts with others regularly, is said to be a member of that primary group. For example, family, neighbours, work peers, coworkers and colleagues. Secondary groups, on the other hand, are those, where the level of interaction is infrequent, irregular and occasional, and not much of value is given to other’s judgments and beliefs. When a person interacts with others on an occasional basis, he is said to be a constituent of a secondary group. So far as consumer behavior is concerned, the focus lies on primary groups. Source:"
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"Extra groups tend to be multiple persons where a personal degree is not set up participate in, although exactly where identical passions accomplish. Instances- staff at the job, school instruction, sports activities clubs."
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