"Explain various Preemptive Scheduling Mechanisms. "

Can some one elaborate the various Preemptive Scheduling Mechanisms?
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"my investigation affirms Doing preemptive programming needs which has a timepiece stop take place at the end almost daily period of time to present charge of the Processor time for the particular scheduler. "
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"Multilevel Waiting line Programming : The Multilevel Waiting line Arranging Algorithmic rule partitioning the particular completely ready line in freestanding lines with each queue"
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"Preemptive Scheduling mechanisms are of three types :- (1) Round-Robin Scheduling : In this algorithm, a small time slice is assigned to each process. The CPU scheduler goes around the ready queue, allocating the CPU to each process for a time interval of one time quantum. (2) Two Queue Scheduling : In this approach, the processes are classified into two different groups. One queue is allocated to CPU bound processes and other is allocated to I/O bound processes. (3) Multilevel Queue Scheduling : A Multilevel Queue Scheduling Algorithm partition the ready queue in to separate queues and each queue has its own scheduling algorithms. Source:"
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