Explain why GPA is not sound by measurement theory.

Please also explain measurement theory?
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"For grade points to be averaged, then grade points must be an interval scale. This implies that the difference between values is comparable. That is, the difference between an A and a B is the same as the difference between a D and an F. Normally, this is not even considered when allocating grades."
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"Degrees inside realm of schooling are generally consistent sizes regarding varying levels of comprehension with a discipline. Marks may be designated with characters (by way of example, A, M, H, Deb, or even P oker), as a variety (one example is several.0–i.nought), like a amount beyond a possible entire (e.g. beyond something like 20 as well as 100), while descriptors (outstanding, great, acceptable, desires development), inside proportions, or maybe, as is also popular using some write-up-supplementary organizations in most nations around the world, being a Grade Point Average (Grade point average). Grade point average is definitely determined if you take how many degree things students attained within a offered period of time split with the total number involving credit consumed."
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