Explain with an example Prof. Jagdish Sheth's Consumer Motives.

Can some one provide details of Prof. Jagdish Sheth's Consumer Motives? Also provide an example.
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"Professor Jagdish Sheth, proposed a classification of needs more pertinent to marketing management. While he primarily researched in the area of treval industry, the findings are equally applicable across most products and services. Sheth classified motives into five dimensions, viz., functional motives, aesthetic/emotional motives, social motives, situational motives and curiosity motives. According to him, each of these is oriented to the achievement of specific goals. a) Functional motives: this refers to the utility of a product/service, the utility and the function that is performed. b) Aesthetic/emotional motives: this refers to the attractiveness in terms of appearance and looks of the product/service. c) Social motives: this is the esteem value attached to the product/service. d) Situational motives: this refers to the unanticipated and unexpected benefits attached to a product/service, like discounts and allowances. e) Curiosity motives: this is the interest aroused by a product/service. Example: A person, in sub-urban Mumbai, turns successful as a s businessman. He now desires to migrate to the posh Juhu area of Mumbai and purchases a bungalow in the posh locality, next to seaside. Source:"
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