"What factors influence teen pregnancy and risk of sexually transmitted infections?"

"Please help me, i want to know the factors influence teen pregnancy and risk of sexually transmitted infections."
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"Rates of teen intercourse vary from culture to culture and era to era. Factors contributing to teen pregnancy include ignorance; minimal communication about contraception with parents, partners, and peers; guilt related to sexual activity; alcohol use; and mass media norms of unprotected and impulsive sexuality. STIs—sexually transmitted infections—have spread rapidly. Attempts to protect teens through comprehensive sex-education programs include contraceptive and abstinence education. High intelligence, religiosity, father presence, and participation in service learning programs are predictors of teen sexual restraint."
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Teenaged being pregnant can be an ever before found issuing on earth, while using the US being at the most notable using virtually 1,000,thousand youngster a pregnancy each and every year. The actual teenager fertility was dropping down pat(p) until finally 2006 as well as ever since then it's found a comfortable improve turning it into over again a hard difficulty.
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