Fashion in the elizabethan era?

"what quantity of money did a negative homo devote to style ? what quantity of money do an abundant person spend on trend? the amount of money would a negative person devote to fashion? what quantity of money performed a wealthy lady commit to fashion? how much did the particular tabby devote to manner? fashion this means their own wearing apparel in addition to hair styles, as well as shoes or boots and also things like of which?"
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"- Little, fashion was not made for the working class in those days, real fashion only came for the working class after World War II, really! - A lot. - Again, very little. - A lot. Upper class women wore elaborate styles with bright, exotic colours. Brightly coloured dyes were a fortune in those days. Only the elite in society could wear them. Affluent merchant (middle) class women wore more drab clothes, though still made out of the same materials. Bright and exotic clothes were reserved for the aristocracy and gentry. - A lot. The Queen was the Head of State and wore bright colours. Her dresses were adorned in jewels and very detailed."
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"HAIR had been careworn in lots of various models, but often napped backward on the your forehead. Girls on the Elizabethan Get older had excellent opposites to own seem that has been ""inside"" These people coloured their head of hair gothic, along with at times dressed in quantities connected with peasants' locks, or hair strands associated with whitened or maybe yellow a silk filled duvet. The particular weakest school of ladies uncovered not any distinctive design, nevertheless a new country amah may don the actual bodice involving your ex petticoat ""laced previous to"" plus a azure as well as pitch-black kirtle."
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