Financial assistance to retailer is important'. Justify this statement.

Hey guys! This is my latest work at college. I am writing a research journal for my juniors, as I have been given a permit to do so by the chancellor. I was thinking to publish this subject’s contents as well. Please suggest a solution for my question. Thanks!
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Financial assistance include higher margins extended credit time, bonuses, and reimbursement of expenses. The problem with most financial rewards, particularly higher margins and bonus, is that retailers use them to reduce prices for their customers. The net effect is that effectively their profits never go up. Hence, when the financial rewards are going to be retained by dealers, non financial rewards assume importance.Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Logistics_Management_-_Logistics_And_Channel_Management_-_Notes_-_Business_Management
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A piece in the commercial Information Report that gives up to several years involving balance wheel sheet along with income statement info, as soon as readily available.
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