Find domain and range of given problems.

"I want the actual website as well as array for the following features: just one. farrenheit(x)= - straight origin times+just one 2. farreneheit(back button)= a couple of block underlying times-a couple of iii. sq . tooth root ten+2-three iv. straight underlying ten-four+one v. rectangular root 2 times-two"
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"1) domain x >or= -1, range f(x) or= 2, range f(x) >or= 0 3) domain x >or= -2 range f(x) >or= -3 4) domain x >or= 4 range f(x) >or= 1 5) domain x >or= 0 range f(x) >or= -2"
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"3) domain x >or= -2 range f(x) >or= -3 "
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