Can you explain the following method of attitude influence-ment? Associating the product/ brand with an existing favorable attitude

Do provide the details of the attitude influence-ment method of "Associating the product/ brand with an existing favorable attitude"?
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"Associating the product/ brand with an existing favorable attitude: The brand could also be related to socio-economic, cultural and environmental cause. An association between the product/brand and the favorable cause would result in favorable attitudes towards the brand. With cause-related marketing, marketer’s try to develop favorable attitudes toward their brands by associating them to existing favorable attitudes toward a cause. In this way, not only do they contribute to the social cause but also influence consumer attitudes’ towards their products, and or brands. Thus, the marketer tries to alter consumer attitudes toward products and service offerings, and/or brands by associating them with socio-economic, cultural political and environmental causes as also social groups and events. Source:"
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