Do you know about the following characteristic of an innovator. Innovators also possess certain personality traits.

I m stuck with this question, Provide some information on the "Innovators also possess certain personality traits." characteristics of innovators?
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"- They are low on dogmatism, and as such open and willing to try out new products/services and/or brands. They are receptive towards the “new” and “unfamiliar.” Non-innovators, on the other hand are closed, and approach the “new” with considerable anxiety and discomfort. - They are inner-directed, and decide to take risk with the “new”, relying on their attitudes, perception, values etc. They take independent decisions rather than relying on others, and are self governed. Non-innovators, are other-directed or socially-directed, whose decisions/judgments depend on others; they wait and watch and they decide to go for the “new”. - While on one hand, innovators tend to inner-directed, they are socially more accepted and more involved than noninnovators. They are accepted by others as “experts”, and thus assume roles as opinion leaders. - They are also variety novelty seekers. They like to try out new offerings. - Innovators happen to be high on optimum stimulation levels. They are willing to seek adventure, seek novelty and they enjoy unusual experiences. As a corollary, they enjoy taking risks. - Innovators are risk takers, and are ever willing to take risks. This is because they are low risk perceivers. Perceived risk is a measure of uncertainty or fear that a consumer feels with respect to the consequences of a purchase and or usage of a new product. Consumer innovators score low on perceived risk, and they experience little or no fear in trying out the “new”. This is primarily because they are well informed, and possess enough purchasing power. So the likelihood to try new product/service offerings and/or brands is high. - Innovators also display the quality of venturesomeness, which implies the their willingness to accept the risk of purchasing new product/service offerings. - They also exhibit the need for novelty and uniqueness. They want to be the first to try out the “unique”, and also possess it. Thus, they go out and purchase the innovative offering. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Diffusion_of_Innovation_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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