For what exactly do you need a portable X-Ray-Emitter?

I don't know the most effective. Assist needful.
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Construction workers X-ray walls and floors before they core drill. If a building is post tension construction, you really don't want to cut a cable in the slab.
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" it is Not an X-ray scanner, rather it is a new take on the Xray emitter.... So I ask, how does one limit self-exposure when using such a device.... The same way current X-ray machines do, shield it with lots of Lead..... In the manufactured form it will not be inexpensive.... The piezo crystals used are very expensive, and they must be manufactured to astounding precision... Now you need the same technology as used in current x-ray scanners (the imaging and reconstruction software and hardware to turn it into anything apart from a radiation sicknes inducing experiment.... As all of this technology (carious different technologies) is proprietary to a small clique of companies, they will milk the value for all it is worth (regardless of the good intentions on the researcher who developed the technique....) Cheers, "
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