From where can i get basalt?

i have a school project about rocks so i want to know from where can i buy basalt or peridotite. and is there other kinds of rocks that could help?
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If you're in the USA and live near train tracks, go pick up one of the dark rocks that make up the foundation of the tracks. That's basalt.
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Basalt is a very common extrusive fiery (volcanic) good ole' created from the speedy cooling system of basaltic lava shown in or perhaps very near the surface of a planet or maybe celestial satellite. Through meaning, basalt can be an aphanitic fiery good ole' with below something like 20% crystal and less than x% feldspathoid aside level, as well as in which at least 65% with the feldspar is within the form of plagioclase. (Compared, stone features a lot more than twenty% vitreous silica by book.) Basalt is generally grey in order to dark-colored in coloring, yet easily weathers to help brown leafy or even corrosion-violent due to oxidisation of its mafic (metal-loaded) minerals in oxidation. The item usually includes a very good-grained vitamin feel a result of the liquified rock and roll cooling down straight away for large nutrient uric acid to cultivate, although it can often be porphyritic, comprising the more expensive deposits created prior to the expulsion of which added your lava towards airfoil, embedded in A greater-grained matrix. Basalt that has a vesicular or maybe creamy structure is named slag, along with forms as soon as mixed unwanted gas have no choice but from alternative as well as type vesicles since the lava decompresses the way it reaches the symptoms.
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